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Thread: Whirlpool spa and Plumbing codes

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    Default Whirlpool spa and Plumbing codes

    Question about plumbing codes (I'm in southern california)

    I'm replacing a bathtub with a fiberglass Whirlpool spa (non-heated). I realize that it is is a good idea to provide access to the motor as well as to wet wall access covers (which of course is at opposite ends of the tub).

    But my real question is ware the plumbing code requirements. I read conflicting things. Some say that access covers to these items is required. Others say that the access to the wet wall hasn't been required for years?

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    Default access

    I haven't seen a new house with an access opening, other than for the pump, for decades.

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    Based on my reading of the current plumbing codes: the code is that you need access if you are using a slip joint (i.e to tie the tub tailpipe to the trap) in tub installations.

    So, I guess nowdays the trend is to use ABS/PVS and use perm glue joints. So if you do that no access is needed. (Thus no-one puts in access anymore)

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    Depending on the model of tub you purchase, some come equipped with a removable skirt(panel). You can also get a cultured marble one and silicone it to the front of the tub if it is open. It is removable with a razor knife and a putty knife. I replaced a motor on a tub Friday and had the skirt off and on in 15 minutes.

    Another solution is to place a return air vent in the stud space next to the motor if possible. The motor can usually fit thru the vent. It won`t hurt to have some ventilation under the tub either.

    good luck



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