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Thread: smell of smoke in bathrooms

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    Default smell of smoke in bathrooms

    For the past couple mornings my master bathroom I have smelled smoke in it? I have no idea why? Then last night It was at least 1am. I am half asleep. I smell the smoke. Then I swear I hear drilling and jack hammering. This morning I was washing my hands there was a lot of water and soap in my sink and a small spongue comes up through the sink. Now sometimes on the weekends the smell is so bad I can't stand to be in my house. I have smelled on one side then the other. It is really odd? Now I work at home, one day I saw one of my neighbors get a PVC pipe delivered I was thinking what is he doing with that stuff? Where do I go from here? Sounds like I need a plumber? My house is one story solid foundation.

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    Yes, I would start by hiring a plumber...good luck.

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    Yes, a plumber is a good place to start to get an idea of what is going on. Show him the spongue that showed up, and explain everything to him in detail.

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    The spongue is a little one looks like a sugar cube? Very wierd.

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    Odd. I'm really curious to what it is. Maybe neighbor doing a smoke test or something? Sponge business is odd too.


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    Did I mention I woke up about 2am hearing drilling and jack hammering? I was thinking I was losing my mind? I am very allergic to sulpha. I started having my face swell on one side last year. I even had a growth in my throat come up? My neighbors kids are all having breathing problems new to them Asthma. I had it on again off again for years. Their mom says she feels bad aches, cant concentrate, headaches ect. Since the beginning of April I have also had headaches which I have had for years but they have just come back. Now my asthma has come back. **NOW THE WIERDEST THING IS THIS ONE** I swear it smells like pot sometimes or chemicals. I was married for years. divorced for 6. My ex used to smoke cigarettees in my garage or so he told me. He said he like the rush of nicotine. He broke of the tops of cigarettes. I didn't know any better right. It smells just like that at times. I looked at my roof and the poles that come out. I think you call them vent stacks one or two are tilted. I was like what the hell happened to them. One place in my roof is a different color shingles a little bit. I noticed my nieghbors house his roof was wet in the roof in sections on the shingles? I thought what is he doing up there? Recently, I had a bathroom sink that the faucet just came on and it overflowed and flooded my house. I can tell you I did not turn it on. I saw it do this one other time. I am a single girl I have no idea how much it will cost to have a plumber come out?


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