Hi all,
My bathroom sink is draining very slow. I took off the trap and the connecting pipe all the way to the wall and cleaned them out really good. This improved the situation, but did not correct it. If the water is not on all the way it can handle a small stream without backing up. I did a little test and the stream it could handle took 15 sec to fill 16oz, take that out and that is 0.5 gpm. Anything faster and it fills up and drains really slow. I tried to snake the drain line but was unsuccessful. It 45's right out of the wall and I don't know what it does after it is in the wall, but I could not get it to go much past the 45. I dont know if that is b/c there is a clog there or I just dont know what I am doing with the snake. The pipe is galvanized and it is a 50 yr old house.

Does this sound like a venting issue? Should I go back at it with the snake?

The tub in this bath drains kind of slow top but does back up like the sink. I have not atempted anything with the tub yet. I just didnt know if that info would help.

Thanks so much for any and all feedback.