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Thread: Water is shooting up around casing

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    Default Water is shooting up around casing

    I just installed a new pump and pipe in my well. I replaced a 3/4 H.P. pump w/ a 1.5 H.P pump and intend to use for automatic sprinkler system. I ran a test with the well and at 50 PSI at a water level of 60 ft and I was getting 22 gpm with the unit. This test was just letting it run onto the ground. I connected my pitless and connected the plumbing to a hose spicket. I restarted the pump to check for leaks on the pitless and noticed that a stream of water started to shoot up around the casing of the well. The top of the pitless appears to be dry. I do not know the type of pitless it is but it is the same size of the casing and has two rubber seals on it. One on the top and one on the bottom. The water enters the underside of the pitless and is forced between the two seals to the pipe leading into the house. Any suggestions to stop the leak on top around the well? Is my casing split? Or do I have a bad pitless? Thank in advance.

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    You may have a broken line outside of the well.

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    Thanks, I will check into that. The water is coming up on the opposite side of were the line goes into the house. I know the water will travel underground and will check into it. does anyone else have any ideas?

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    You have a big pump with high pressure capability. That is demonstrated by your 22 GPM at 50 psi with 60 ft drawdown.

    Then you connected the pump to a hose with little capacity. Maybe you had it turned off. The pump was operating at or near shutoff pressure of somewhere between 100 and 150 psi. I suspect that something came apart or broke.

    You should never shut off the flow of a submersible pump.

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    When I turned on the pump, the spicket was on/open. Although the pressure my have built up enough to break something. I will start digging and check it out.

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    I did a little digging today and dug a test hole by the casing and found that the water line running to the house had a crack. Thanks for all the help!


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