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Thread: water in pressure gauge

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    Default water in pressure gauge

    There is water in the face of pressure gauge and the glass is cracked. I would like to replace this as soon as possible. Is there anything specific i need to know. It looks like it consist of unsrewing the old gauge and resrewing on the new one. everything else is working fine. please help and advise

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    Default on a bladder tank

    For got to mention this gauge is on the bladdr tank and it is working 30 psi kick on and 50 psi shut off

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    Default Easy

    I just replaced mine (permanently read 35 psi). It was attached to the "T" that juts out the front of my pressure tank. It screwed into a 1/4" pipe thread and the replacement was readily available at Lowe's. Just make sure you shut off the water before replacing it (i.e. shut off pump and relieve pressure).


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    What do you mean by relieve pressure. shuting water off relieves pressure or do i have to shut off water and relieve pressure from thr tank some how.

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    Just turn off the switch that powers the pump and open the lowest valve in the house and let the water run untill the water stops running. The shut the valve and then replace the gauge.


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