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Thread: Inspection Please - Novice seeks your expert advice

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    Default Inspection Please - Novice seeks your expert advice

    Here are a couple of pictures of my recent attempt to plumb a new 2nd floor bath. The shower location gave me the most trouble of how to vent it without using too much ceiling space were a new ceiling will be installed. The top of the shower trap is slightly above the vent at the far end of the picture (I know this is incorrect). Will this cause trouble in the future? There is also a vent down line where a sink will tie in.

    I will rework if necessary. Don't hold back.

    Many thanks.
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    Are those vent tees in there? On their sides, no less...I believe that's a no-no.
    (important note: I'm not a pro)

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    The Ts should be Ys. It will not pass inspection or work well like that.


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