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Thread: Sink & a Half installation

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    Question Sink & a Half installation

    I have replaced my single kitchen sink with a sink & a half model.

    In order to hook up the drain, I purchased a continuous waste, center outlet kit to "simplify" the installation, as I figured I could hook directly to the drain, without using drain flange.

    I now notice that there is about a 3/4 inch difference in the drains of each bowl, so it is impossible to connect the continuos waste kit.

    Is there any ABS fitting I can use to make up this height difference or do I need to build the entire drain assembly myself.


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    If I understand your question,you need to get a flanged tailpiece (or two) and cut it (or them) to the length where both are at an equal height.Then connect to the continuous waste assembly using the slip joint nuts.
    Better yet get a double flanged tailpiece,you can make two tailpieces out of it.
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    I think I bought the wrong continuous waste kit, as it doesn't have slip joint option. It can only connect directly to the strainers.

    Thank for the reply....it is pretty tough doing home renovations when you don't know a lot.....


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