Now this is a wierd one I have JUST started trying to figure out. I have been noticing around my house within the past couple weeks I am seeing a lot of these very small (smaller than fleas) black bugs hangin out on the floors near A/C vents, baseboards, etc. In general they are all around the house. Whenever I see these types of bugs before (in the outdoors and restaurants) they are generally in area with a lot of moisture. This has gotten me worrying about my crawlspace. Despite my numerous attempts to keep it completely dry, I have in the past had an issue with moisture in there. I even dug up 3/4 of my foundation and installed french drains, treated the foundation, put in gutter, etc to try and keep all the moisture away from the foundation. I also live on a hill and water flows quickly off my lot. Anyway, am I worrying about nothing? Should I be looking somewhere else? I just cannot thiknk of anything but the crawlspace that ties all these parts of my house together.