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Thread: Garbage disposal

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    Default Garbage disposal

    Wife used it just ten ago everything was fine. Tried it just a minute ago and just humms until it kicks out the reset switch re-set it and still does the same thing its only about 6 months old. Any help greatly appreciated.


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    You've got something caught in it. If you didn't throw it away, it probably came with a hex-key wrench. Make sure the thing is off, then look in the middle of the bottom of the thing. The wrench will fit into the hex hole. Move it back and forth until you can free up the motor. Take the wrench out, then turn it back on and see what happens. Lacking that wrench or an allen wrench that fits (you may not have enough room to get a good grip since these are usually smaller in length and offset), you can stick a broom handle down the drain and try to get it to move.
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    I'd stick my hand in there after the motor is freed up and try to find what jammed it in the first place and remove it. If it's something like a teaspoon, just turning it on again will jam it again.

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    As a matter of principle, we never advise people to stick their hand inside a disposer...EVER. Seems innocent enough, but did you see the story about the guy who had his hand in the disposer, and kitty climbed up on the counter to see what he was doing, an as cats will do decided to rub his back....right up against the switch................film at eleven!

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    May be a waste of time...........

    There may be the tiniest sliver caught in there or may be the motor shaft is starting to corrode and when it does that it becomes just sticky enough to bind at the seal. Probably a small leak at the seal and not enough of a leak to show on the cupboards bottom.

    If that's the case, when you get it running again, it may work for a while but will jam up again.

    If this really the case, replace the disposal.

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    Hey guys thanks for all the information i had already put the wrench and freed it up and works fine again thanks for all suggestions.



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