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Thread: the land of milk and honey

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    Talking South Florida--the land of milk and honey

    went on vacation last week down to

    Miami and the Ft Lauderdale area........took the wife and kids

    caught a shark , ect ect..... had a good time all in all....


    theone thing I was impressed with.....THE MONEY......

    I have never seen so many 60+ million dollar houses with
    20+ million dollar yachts sitting docked in front of them in my life....

    most of the people that actually live down in Ft Lughterdale are
    there to just maintain these "winter homes" for the billionairres
    to fly in every so often to play for a week or two...

    and some actually stay on the properties
    the 60+ mil homes are actually vacant probably 11 months out
    of the year and the 20+ mil boats just sit like good little toys
    begging to be palyed with...

    its actually almost obscene .........

    and its very, very tempting to consider moveing down there some day
    and starting up another plumbing business or whatever....
    their is certanly plenty of work to do...

    So does ayone have any experience with plumbing
    in south florida here??

    tough to get a liscence??
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