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Thread: 1.28 gpf standard?

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    Default 1.28 gpf standard?

    Hello there,

    I have someone in the industry telling me that 1.28gpf will be the new US federal standard as of July 1, 2014, but I am seeing zippo for industry news on this. Have any of you heard of this? It's hard to believe that there would be no buzz about this in the online news or from manufacturer's sites after all the information I've seen out there about the low-lead legislation.

    Your help is appreciated.

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    It's conceivable, but an admittedly-quick look at Regulations.gov didn't turn up anything obvious on this. Clearly, the industry is moving to 1.28 as a result of the Watersense program and certain state and local requirements (like California). Toto's line, for example, includes only a few older workhorse designs in the 1.6 gpf regime, and they are even doing pretty well with their 1.0gpf toilet.

    Watersense is a good example of how the government can lead an industry to innovate and meet a new standard, rather than bludgeon it into putting out poor products on an artificial timetable, as the earlier law did. Of course, competition and innovation solved the problems created by the initial law, but consumers (including myself) wasted a lot of money on horrible products from name manufacturers that should have been ashamed of themselves for putting such crap into the marketplace in the early years.
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