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Thread: Leaking copper pipes

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    Default Leaking copper pipes

    I have a home built in Oct. 98 the copper pipes are carodeing and spouting leaks I have been told this is a problem across the country and I need a repipe at the cost of $8000.00 is their a class action law suit for this ? is their someone you know of that I can contact ? Please contact me I have been told only some plummers can do the work if it is under a class action like the old pvc that many had replaced . I was told that North carolina had somekind of a suit 3 years ago for copper pipes but it know was on a case by case basis but I can't get any info , what do you know and how can you help me .thank you Linda B

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    We hear of similar problems all over, but there are many causes. I haven't heard of any class actions against copper yet, although individual suits are often brought against contractors for faulty installations and water companies for bad water. You could talk to a local attorney to see if you can find someone to blame; a quick Lexis search will turn up any applicable case law.

    However, you'd probably spend less money just fixing it. Cost around here to re-plumb a 3/2 on-slab home is typically around $3K. Most use CPVC, but PEX is becoming more popular. Depends on your individual situation.

    After becoming aware of an under-slab hot water leak, I re-plumbed my house myself for a few hundred dollars in materials, and a lot of quality time fighting off the dust, fiberglass, bugs and snakes in the attic. Electric bill dropped by about $40/month, so I'm happy.

    I'm not sure I'd do the job for someone else for $3K, though.


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