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Thread: fiberglass shower tub enclosure

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    Default fiberglass shower tub enclosure

    I recently purchased a fiberglass 5 piece shower n tub enclosure. the bathroom has a tiled enclosure with a shower door. im planning to put the fiberglass enclosure over the existing tiles, any tips on preperation? do I need to sand or scuff the tiles prior to adhesive? what is the best adhesive to use? liquid nails? epoxy adhesive that you mix with an activater?

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    I've heard that the "normal" liquid nails often will stain or warp the plastic enclosures...not sure what it would do to fiberglass. The instructions should indicate what to use to glue it. Liquid Nails does make a special one for tubs, showers, but really, the best is to use what the manufacturer says.

    The tile needs to be cleaned off of all of the soap scum, etc. for any adhesive to hold.
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