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    I need to shorten a pvc pipe (4" in diameter I believe), and I was wondering what would be the best way to cut it. The pipe is vertical and in a really tight space so it doesn't have a lot of clearence around it, so using a hand saw would be very difficult. I was wondering if you could use some sort of disk saw attachment for a powerdrill or maybe even a Dremel with a cutting disk. Thanks for any insight.

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    You can buy an inexpensive cable saw. Wrap it around the pipe, hang onto the ring, handle at each end, pull back and forth, saw it off. Slower, but works is to use string - the friction will melt its way through. Details from somebody that's tried it, though.
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    Make sure that when you use a cable saw that you don't stop once you start. Otherwise that cable will permanently attach inside the cut and will not come out.

    Once your hands start moving don't stop the saw. Make sure to remove the two sections immediately after cutting.

    Surprisingly I use cable saws a great deal; beats anything with a cord or battery and after years of use I can cut pretty straight. Always remove burrs after cutting pipe.
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    I've only used a cable saw a few times, and am NOT a pro like Rugged, but I'll throw in a few thoughts. Take a sheet of typing paper and wrap around the pipe to mark your straight line cut.

    The hardest part is getting the cable saw started on the pipe on your straight line. I've found it helpful to put some "nicks" on the side of the pipe with a dremel or a file. This helps to get the cable saw started without wandering off your line. Start slow. Once you get the groove set on your line, it cuts just like butter.

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    Thanks. That sounds like exactly what I need.

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    If you have a hack sawcut it with that. I use a sawsall, but you could even use a wood saw to make 1 cut.


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