I was just wondering if this is a common complaint lately? My husband just made a new bathroom in our house. He installed the toilet flange at 12", because that was what was recommended by his plumbing books. The problem is that there is too much room! The toilets fit fine, but the tanks (he's tried about 5 of them now!), run from 2 1/2 inches to 1 1/2 inches aways from the wall. The one that fits the best is the Kohler Cimmaron (which reading here, doesn't sound so great either!). And even that one isn't very stable. I mean, maybe it doesn't happen often, but the tank could get knocked in when it's that far away, couldn't it? What do other people do to compensate for this - or is this just our problem (build brackets or something)? My husband says that next time, he'll fit the toilet flange to toilet he buys to avoid this. But I wonder then, why recommend 12", if it's going to be dependent on the toilet?