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Thread: How do I fix a leaky faucet?

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    Question How do I fix a leaky faucet?

    I haxe an Artistic Brass single handle bathtub / shower faucet. It is either a ceramic disk or a ball joint. It is leaking hot water. The problem is that I cannot get it apart to fix. I have removed all of the allen wrench screws holding the handle on, but the handle will not come off. I am afraid that I will break something creating even more problems.

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    If you can't take it apart without something breaking on it, then maybe time for a new faucet.
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    Default Leaky faucet

    Hmn, it might be time for a new faucet, but I suggest that you try to fix it yourself before you have to resort to buying a new one. I went to this site to figure out how to fix my leaking shower head:


    And I realized that it was the washer that needed to be replaced. But if you are having problems unscrewing the entire thing, then may call a plumber? It's either that, or your risk breaking something, and then you're back to plan A. recommended by Plumber2000 and buying a new faucet.


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    If the handle was held by setscrews it pulls off once they are removed. If it doesn't it is stuck and has to be tapped off since you cannot use a handle puller. Artistic Brass did not make their own faucet valves. They used Price Pfister or some other common brand, depending on the age of the faucet.


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