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Thread: Shower pan question

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    Question Shower pan question

    Hey guys,

    Couple questions.
    First, I just ripped out my garden tub, and going to replace it with a shower pan. The drain from the tub was 1.5" pvc. Now I need to make that a 2" all the way to the stack correct? Why?

    Do I need to vent the drain, as it is only 4-5' to the stack. I have to cut out the over flow so the pan fits.

    Next, the area in which the pan needs. The old tub drain and new pan do not match up of course. I need to bring out the old tub drain 5", but where it needs to go there is a joist in the way. I don't want to furr out the wall b/c I need all the space that I can ( crappers close)

    Any suggestions or ideas.

    Thank you for your help and time,


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    Code requires 2" for showers. Some would question the logic,because millions of people are taking showers in tubs with the 1" drain! Especially now that showers are all 2.5 GPM low flow.

    The rationale that I can put to this is that a shower pan has a low curb, and thus very little tolerance for any occasional backup, whereas we have probably all taken a shower in a slow draining tub with water over the ankles, but otherwise no consequences.


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