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Thread: Odd Taste from Water Softener

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    Default Odd Taste from Water Softener

    I recently ran out of Brita water filters and started drinking un-filtered water. I noticed that the unfiltered water tasted terrible. Kind of metalic with an after-taste. I asked our neighbors if they had noticed a bad taste in their water, but they had not. After a bit of trouble shooting I narrowed the problem to the water softener. If I bypass the water softener the water tastes fine.

    I know that water softeners can make water taste different, but this seems really bad; nearly undrinkable. Any ideas on causes or solutions?

    The water softener was serviced about 2 years ago and was in good shape. Everything that I can see seems normal (water levels and salt levels).

    Thanks for your help.

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    Taste is quite subjective, the vast majority of folks with a softener never notice any difference in the taste of their water. You could use a 1/4 cup of non scented bleach in a gallon of water poured down into the water in the salt tank and do a manual regeneration to sanitize the softener. You could clean the salt tank first.

    Other than that, I'm out of ideas.
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    Thanks for the tips Gary. I'll try them out and see if we get any improvement.


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