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Thread: Recommendations on tub replacement

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    Default Recommendations on tub replacement

    hey everyone, I have been playing with the notion of replacing a 1 piece shower/tub we got in our main Bath room for a while with something MUCH deeper and possible with some type of jets in there. I have 2 problems I am facing.
    First of all, the bath room is not that big. It has no room to be expanded to I have no option really if enlarging it. SO whatever I get has to fit in a standard fibrelgass tub size (the exact dimensions have eluded me but I THINK it was 5 ft X 3ft). So I was looking for recommendations for models that would fit in that tight a space while providing depth that would eliminate the "Islands" that form when you put a woman into a shallow Bathtub.
    Second, the door to this bathroom is rather small. To get the old tub out, I will like have to remove the frame to fit it through the studs and/or just break it up. So, I would prefer a tub brand that is set up in a way that I would be able to fit it through the same opening.
    So if anyone has any good ideas for that to minimize my pain, I would greatly appreciate it. If you have pictures of similar projects yo uhave complete, I could certainly use the ideas.

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    Default Soaking Tub

    Look on the internet for something called a "soaking bath tub". They are available in 5 ft lengths and with pump.

    Google "deep bath tub" and click on the link for NextTag to get an idea of the selection. This site won't let me put in a link.
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