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Thread: Pool Pump Problem

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    Default Pool Pump Problem

    My pool pump basket all of a sudden will not hold water - the pump isn't working and when I pour water in the basket to prime it - it just goes down and away.

    Any suggestions - it is only a little over a year old.


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    First of all, be sure to put silicone lube or vaseline on the o-ring that seals the lid. It would help if I knew what pump you have. If the lube doesn't help, you have an air leak. Try wiggling the pipe where it goes into the front of the basket. If it is loose, that is your leak, (or at least one of them). You will have to re-plumb the suction. If that is not the problem, finding an air leak is a very difficult if not impossible job. You might want to call a leak detection company. They may be able to help. Most of the pool boys that go around cleaning pools are not very well equipped to repair the pumping system.

    If you do find the fitting in the front of the pump is loose, you will need to find out why the pump lost it's prime and caused the meltdown.


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    Pool pumps are just simple centrigugal pumps. They are designed more as simple water movers than pumps, with very little head and pressure. Any leaks at all on the intake side will cause problems. If your water just "goes away" with no visible sign of leakage, check for an air leak. Could be as simple as a hose or clamp, or a small crack in a filter housing, pump housing, or solid line somewhere. Something that I have used to repair cracks that works very well is a 2 part epoxy made by permatex. It comes in a setup that looks like 2 hypodermic syringes attached side by side. You press the syringe, and it dispenses the exaxt amount of epoxy and hardener together. Rough up the surface with 120 grit sand paper, wipe with mineral spirits, mix up your epoxy and apply to the crack on the moderate but heavy side. Allow it to dry for 10-14 hours, and have at it! I fixed my own sand filter housing, and my pump head housing both back in 1996, and they are still solid after 10 years.
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    I think you need to call a swimming pool repair service, so that you can ensure that your pool equipment will going to be okay.


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