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Thread: Pumptec Installation

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    I am installing a Pumptec (monitors well pump and turns off if no water) and have a question as far as the 230V. On the wiring diagram it says L1 (from pressure switch) goes to 230 while L2 goes to L2 on the Pumptec. How do I identify which wire is L1 and which is L2 or does it matter? My understanding is each line is 115V but they are out of phase so it doesn't matter. Does anyone know for sure?

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    FYI: I called Franklin Electric's technical support and they said it doesn't matter which wire goes to 230 and L2.

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    As long as your motor needs 230 volts, either wire from the pressure switch can go to L2 or 230. Then you have a wire from 230 and another from motor going to the pump or L1 L2 of the control box.bob...


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