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Thread: pics of the weird adapter for tub spout

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    Default pics of the weird adapter for tub spout

    PLEASE if anyone has any idea how to deal with that thing. It appears to be twisted on to the threaded end of my copper pipe with some teflon tape. See my post from below for full details.


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    You have 1/2" copper coming from the wall.

    Pick up a slip diverter spout,

    or the Delta with the solder on adapter.

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    Default Thanks But

    I bought just that last night. The adapter at the end is what's causing the problem - it was too large for the slip on to fit.
    The previous spout was a slip on that had been gutted and had no screw or anything. It was maybe glued on to the end - I got it off by twisting.
    I want to take off that weird adapter and be left with the threaded part under it. Can I assume since there is teflon tape where the weird part joins the threaded part that I can unscrew it?


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