Hi guys
This is my first faucet replacement attempt. I got the old one off with some very intense twisting while pulling out. Now I'm ready to put a new one on but the connection doesn't seem right for a screw on or a slide on/allen wrench type.
The old spout had a slot for an allen wrench, but the whole inside part was hollowed out, I guess by our plumber who did a copper repipe about a year ago.
There is this weird adapter on the end of my copper pipe. I can see the pipe was just a regular threaded type (oh if only it still were!) but they put this adapter on. It looks like the adapter is just screwed on - there is teflon tape there. The adapter itself has no actual threads - just weird little grooves in kind of square patterns all over.
I'm not sure how the old spout was adhered to there - I can't just screw it back on now. It pulls right off.
But what I need to know is, can I just unscrew this adaptor (I tried with some force and it didnt' budge - but again it does not seem to be soldered on).
Or should I hollow out another slip on type spout (which I do have in the house) like the plumbers did...and attach it how?
Thanks so much. I'm sure this post is horrifyingly 'newbie' but I thank you for bearing with me.