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Thread: Driven Well Vs Plumbing Problem

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    Default Driven Well Vs Plumbing Problem

    In March the pressure switch needed replacing. The plumber who replaced it also checked the pressure in the storage(pressure) tank. He did this however without draining the water from it. The air was low, so he added more from compressor. The new pressure switch was also set higher at 50.
    Before this I had no complaints with the water pressure. After he did this the aerator screen to washing machine clogged during each use.

    Another plumber said the well points needed cleaning and the pressure tank(20+yrs.) probably should be replaced too. He poured muriatic acid in well overnight. (It's a driven well in the basement) The next day he installed a new larger pressure tank.

    Since this I've had nothing but trouble. Sediment, sand, rust particles coming thru every faucet---the aerators have to be left off. The toliet kept running from the pressure being higher. (I finally 'fixed' it by turning the toliet shut off valve half off.) The plumber came back once and drained the line from well about 15 minutes. He said it should clear up after a few days. When I ask what if it didn't he said I'd have to put in a new well!

    I 've had the water tested about every 3 years and the results were always good. It is hard water, meaning rust but never bad. Never until now has there been sand and grit in it though.

    A well driller I talked with said I should drain the well for three hours straight to clear out the debris. He said the well points might be damaged also but did not elaborate and I didn't ask.

    All I needed back in March was a new pressure switch. Now it's the well?
    Or is it the plumbing, ie. new pressure switch, tank.

    The water flows very good. Too good for me. One day the water shot up from the back of the toliet tank! That's how strong the pressure is now. Yet the gauge shows the pump cutting off at 50 - 55.

    Anymore ideas? I would only like a pre- March functioning plumbing again.


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    Try installing a new pressure gauge and check the tank pressure with 0 pressure in the water lines. It should B 2# lower than the cut in pressure that the switch is operating at. How old is your well?

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    I would never use Muriatic Acid to clean a screen. There are pills that do a great job and are safe to use.

    You need to run all faucets full blast until clear. Run them all together. And don't be afraid to run them for a long time. This is what is needed. If that don't do it, he may have eaten your screen with the acid and sand is getting through.

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