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Thread: What can be done to remove or hide mold in sealant?

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    Question What can be done to remove or hide mold in sealant?

    Hi hope someone has an answer for this...We recently had a marble shower installed in slabs. Now a year later the sealant has grown mold spots in some places in the sealant, not on the surface but underneath. Is there a way to remove this sealant or to cover old sealant with a colored one that will help hide the problem? Also the glass cube wall allows water underneath and this is causing a pink stain between glass and marble. Any advice on how to deal with these things?

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    from http://www.johnbridge.com/vbulletin/...ead.php?t=4991

    Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide (how strong? 10%? 2%?) and a bit of boric acid.

    Bleach will whiten the stains later. Let us know how that works.



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