Sorry about that... I've got an issue that hopefully someone can answer. A few years ago, we purchased a new humidifier for our forced air heating system that uses a constant flow of water across a filter. Excess water drains to a little pump which pumps the water through a small copper pipe to a sump pump located about 20 feet away. Everything works fine except that during last winter, an iceberg formed in my backyard which extended down the back of my property toward a neighboring house. Over this past summer, we installed new pvc piping outside to drain all of the gutters/leaders away from the house and out to the street. To avoid the iceberg this year, our plumber hooked up the sump pump to the pvc piping outside. Well, you guessed it. We ended up with an iceberg on the street and I had to go out there with a large shovel to cut up the 7 inch deep ice flow - not a pretty sight. With this type of humidifier, where can I discharge all of this water without causing a problem? There is a bathroom in the basement, although it is far from the humidifier and it would probably be difficult to snake a pipe over without destroying the finished walls. Any ideas????