I have posted here earlier for help with replacing my Shallow well Jet pump. After many posts and fixes I seem to have learned how to solder pipes, replace PVC fittings and adjust my pressure switch. The 3/4HP Sears Shallow Jet pump is on a vertical Air tank, the switch is a 40/60, the tank is set to 38 PSI and the pump goes on and off at the right time.

We replaced the inlet pipe which had a leaky union on the 1-1/2 inch inlet and instaled new PVC and a T to use for priming the horizontal line out to the well, this seems to work well however there is still air in my water. I think the foot valve on the well is old and leaks but we are not gonna fix that.

The pump inlet is 1-1/4 inch and we used 1-1/2 inch PVC pipe from the well line to the pump, and a downsizing pvc pipe at the last point to the pump inlet going from 1-1/2" down to 1-1/4".

I wonder if this downsize has a way to allow an air bubble to be created in the tube where the pipe changes size? It really doesnt make sense to me that air can be getting in this pipe, unless there is a breach underground somewhere. That would be a new twist that never happened before, and until I did this pump replacement project 2 weeks ago there never had been air in my water.

The air bubbles are usually coming out of any faucet that is the first one used each day, a few blasts and belches and then the water runs clear. I can hear the sound of what someone said was "marbles" on the inlet side as the pump runs, this means that air is in the line, but I cant figure out where that air is getting in. I took the earlier advice and replaced all the Inlet pipes as stated above and added the T.

I can live with the air bubbles, but I know it means that something isnt quite right.

Does anyone have ideas on what to fix, check or do next?