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Thread: Replacing a shower stem washer

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    Default Replacing a shower stem washer

    I believe the washers are worn out on my shower stems. I bought a tub wrench to remove the stem and it will not budge. About a month ago a plumber buddy of mine came over and removed it very easily and put it back because he did not have the correct washer. Now that I do, and have a wrench, I am thinking how hard could this be. He even mentioned that you do not have to tighten them much. I can not get it to turn. I think it is a price/pfister. Are these standard threaded,,, or do they loosen to the right? Please help.

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    They will be standard thread...turn CCW to loosen. NOTE: you must open the valve part way first. If you try to unscrew it while it is still turned "off" it will be very hard to turn, and you may damage the washer and the seat.
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