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Thread: 14-inch Rough-In. what toilet? HELP!

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    Question 14-inch Rough-In. what toilet? HELP!


    I am totally new to this. My boyfriend and I just bought a condo and we are redoing the bathroom. it is a very old building, and the rough in for the toilet is 14 inches. i guess when the last people redid the bathroom, they got lazy and stuck a 12 inch rough in toilet on there, so it sits about 4.5 inches off the wall. since the bathroom is already tiny, we really don't want the toilet sitting out there in the middle of the room.

    anyway, as i have discovered, 14 inch rough in toilets are not very common, an d i do not have many choices.

    Kohler Wellworth K3433-0
    Toto Carlyle One Piece MS87414SG
    Toto Pacifica Close Coupled Toilet CST804S

    Apparently, Toto's skirted models have a 14 in rough in part available.

    Now i know Toto is a better toilet. everyone says so. But how bad is the Kohler Wellworth? i actually like the way the kohler looks better, and it is about half the price, but if it litterally won't flush or will break in 2 years, i don't think i want it.

    any advice would be appreciated.


    TOTO Pacifica CST808
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