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Thread: Septic Or City Sewer??

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    Red face Septic Or City Sewer??


    Hi Im Hopeing Someone Can Give Me Some Direction. I Live In An Older Home (purchased Just Under 1 Yr. Ago) (as-is) We Had No Inspections. Until Aprox. 2 Months Ago There Were 2 People Living Here Now There Are 4. We Noticed A Rotton Egg Smell, Gurgling Pipes And Ground Saturated And Overflow Into The Driveway. The Smell Is Inside And Out. We Are Paying City Sewer However There Is A Concrete Cover Right Next To The House Where The Overflow Is Coming From. We Had Someone Come To Pump It And They Said THAT THE PROBLEM WASNT COMING FROMTHERE ANDThey Think We Have A Septic System. Dont Know What To Do Or Where To Go To Ask. Any Info Would Be Appreciated.

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    Are you having trouble flushing or draining the shower?

    Do you have any sewer connections in the basement that are lower than the thing that was overflowing in the driveway?

    Municipal sewer systems often charge when the sewer is available even if the owner doesn't connect to the system.

    Call the municipality and ask them if they know anything.

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    Several local counties and cities here include the water bill and sewer bill as one. If you are within 250 feet of the sewer line, they still bill you for sewer even if you have a septic. Ups and downs are if you connect to sewer, you have to pay the conect fee...$5000 here. If you have a septic, you pay monthly, but dont have to pay connect fee or have your yard dug up. Check into it and review your options!


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