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Thread: Common diverter problem with a twist

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    Default Common diverter problem with a twist


    My tub/shower diverter spout is leaking when the shower is on. I know that I need to replace it, but I'm having a difficult time finding a diverter similar to my old one that will fit over the copper pipe that sticks out from the wall. Diverter uses thread connection, lift-gate. The hole with the threads is 1-1/4" in diameter. The pipe from the wall is a standard 1/2" diameter copper pipe with some kind of adapter screwed onto it that threads into the 1-1/4" opening of the spout. The total length of the pipe plus the adapter is 3" from the wall. I tried to find a spout that has the 1-1/4" opening, but no luck. I even went to a local plumbing supply shop that's supposed to have "everything", but the guy said he'd never seen a spout with that type of fitting (he might be inexperienced, I don't know). I tried to unscrew the adapter from the 1/2" inch pipe, but it won't budge. I didn't want to force it out because I was afraid I might damage something, so I'd like to keep that in if possible. I've attached a couple of photos that might clarify my description.

    Has anyone seen a set up like this? If not, what are my options in replacing the spout? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    Somebody else had one of those here in the last few months...try a search. Don't remember the outcome or advice.
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    I think I found the old thread that you were referring to:


    The solution from that thread seems to be to use heat to loosen the solder, if the adapter was soldered on. I don't know if my adapter is soldered on. I would like to keep the pipe the way it is if possible, because I don't want to do anything to damage the pipe and I'm only replacing the spout. So it seems my only alternative is to contact Delta to see if they still make a spout like this. I'm not too hopeful though -- I know this spout is at least 14 years old (that's when I moved into my house.) I'll contact Delta tomorrow.

    Is there any way to fix the spout's lift-gate (it's loose, that's why it's leaking). That might be one solution.

    Do you know of any other places that might be a good resource for discontinued or hard to find plumbing fixtures?

    Any other suggestions?

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    Looks like a standard Delta spout to me.You should be able to just take the adapter out of a new one and screw it on.Try a different supply house.

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    It's Delta all right.

    The adapter is soldered on, and then the spout threads onto it.

    When soldering, I remove the rubber o-ring, and replace it after it's cooled.

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    Thanks everyone for confirming that it's a Delta. My local plumbing stores couldn't help much but maybe I just spoke to someone inexperienced. I've emailed Delta my photos and I'm waiting to see if they can tell me if they still make spouts like this. Buying a new one and replacing it would be the ideal and simplest solution. If you know of any good supply houses online that might carry this, I can give them a shot too.

    I'll resort to softening the solder and removing the adapter if that's the very last alternative. I've never worked with solder and just don't want to risk damaging the copper pipe. I guess I'll ask for more advice about that if I need to do it.

    In the mean time, I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the replacement.

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    Talking delta repalcement parts are free

    they are free if you want to wait on them

    or they only cost about $15.00 at any plumbing supply house...

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    Well, Delta got back to me and said they don't carry a spout with the 1 1/4" diameter hole. But I don't think he understood that the adapter probably came with the spout! If it's a design that's probably discontinued, maybe I shouldn't spend so much time looking for a replacement and instead learn how to take that adapter off the 1/2" pipe. I really don't want to do that though, unless I have no other choice. What I thought would be a simple spout replacement is turning into a solder-removal-then-cut-pipe type of job.

    For all you pro's who have seen hundreds of spouts, is this design unique to Delta? Are you still coming across spouts made this way or do you think it's been discontinued?

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    No,you're making a simple job way too difficult.Let me try restating what I said before.
    1) Go out and buy a Delta spout
    a) you can buy a rp5834 spout,it comes with a 1/2" FIP adaptor but that doesnt matter (why? see step 2) and it has the same pull-up diverter as your original spout:


    b) you can buy a rp5836 spout,which comes with the slip on adapter,it has a "pull down" diverter but thats not a problem operationally.
    2) Now here is the key step.Take the new spout you bought,remove the adapter AND THROW IT IN THE BUSHES!!!
    3) You now have a spout which will screw directly on to the existing adapter.Celebrate with a cold adult beverage.

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    Hey, thanks Lancaster! That's exactly what I need -- the model number! I understood your original suggestion, but none of the hardware/plumbing stores could help me because they couldn't id the thing and they didn't carry it in the stores. I thought it was discontinued because even Delta customer service couldn't identify it. But I think I just talked to inexperienced people. I knew someone on this forum would have the answer. Thanks again! I'm gonna get a STRONG adult beverage now.


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