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    Ok guys and gals I have a question... I have a weltrol wx 250 tank and on the side it says the tank is precharged to 30 psi............Does this mean when the tank is empty it should have 30psi at the air valve? The pump comes on at about 34psi and shuts off at 50psi. there is no water comming from the air valve when he tank is full...but it seems my water pressure drops as the tank level drops when I have a spigot open in the house...I emptied the tank with the pump off and the air pressure at the valve went to 0..My house sat empty for a few years and I was wondering if the tank may have lost its air charge. The pump is mounted on the top of the tank (if this configuration makes any difference)..Thanks for any help!!

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    You have to measure the tank pressure when th epump turned off and a valve open until the water stops flowing. It should be charged to 2# less than the pump turn on pressure. The system pressure will go from the turn-on point to the max pressure then stop when the pump stops. If you dont' use any water, it should stay there. The tanks stores energy from the pump, and when you open up a valve, it drains off that stored energy when the water is discharged until the pump starts again. If it ever gets to zero in normal circumstances, something is wrong. If the tank, when check properly, gets to zero, there is a leak in the tank.
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    This is where the constant pressure valve comes in handy, it won't let the pressure drop once the pump is running. And you can dial in your own pressure.



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