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Thread: Newbie Question: gluing/leveling a PVC drain

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    Question Newbie Question: gluing/leveling a PVC drain

    Hello. I am in the process of remodeling a 2nd floor shower stall, and recently cut off the existing 2" PVC riser to remove an older drain. To install the new drain I first needed to extend the cut-off riser to get the proper height.

    So, I got some 2" PVC pipe, got a coupling to join two sections of pipe, and got the purple primer & solvent. I started by gluing the coupling down over the existing, cut-off pipe. At that point, I laid a torpedo level across the coupling and saw that it is noticeably out of level in one direction. I still have to glue the additional riser section into that coupling, then glue the new drain onto that. Seems like I've got 2 chances now to end up with a level drain.

    So my question is...how much "wiggle room" should I have as I am gluing these sections of PVC together? The coupling fits rather snugly over the 2" PVC pipe, so I didn't notice much "wiggle room" as I glued the coupling on (though I really wasn't trying to level it at that stage). And, I'm assuming the drain will fit snugly over the extended riser. Should I have more "flexibility" when gluing PVC pipe together to adjust to level? (I.E., is it my poor newbie technique??)

    Any advice or tricks of the trade greatly appreciated!
    (PS: I COULD probably get things near level by pulling on the whole drain & p-trap a little, and strapping it closer to one of the floor joists, but it seems that pressure might lead to future pipe cracking or joint separation...true?)

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    I wouldn't stress the existing joints or pipe by strapping it too far beyond it's natural resting position. If it were me, I'd do all three things. Tweak the trap as much as is comfortable, then make up the angle diff a little bit at a time with the 2 fittings above it.
    (important note: I'm not a pro)


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