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Thread: Help with bathroom sink drain

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    Default Help with bathroom sink drain

    I am tackling a bathroom remodel for the first time. I have gutted the room...and am trying to get everything set to cover the walls. I removed my old sink and p trap. The p trap connects to a galvanized drain pipe. The old p trap was metal and crumbled during removal leaving a 6 inch stub connected to the elbow. I cannot get the piece out - it appears to be soldered to the elbow. I tried heating it with a propane torch, but it didn't melt the solder. I may not have been persistant enough with the heat, but I have removed soldered fittings from copper pipe and they come right off. with a little heat. Any suggestions on how to remove it? I could remove the galvanized pipe it is only 3 feet long or so and connects to a cast iron elbow. If I do this can replace it with a short lenght of PVC pipe? I should mention that if I don't have to remove it I would much prefer not to.


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    If the trap piece is soldered into a brass "ring", then it has to be cut out, including the brass bushing.


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