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Thread: Reputable Plumber in Olympia or Lacey, WA

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    Default Reputable Plumber in Olympia or Lacey, WA

    I'm new to town and would like ideas about how to find a reputable plumber in the Olympia, WA area. Apologies if this question is a bit off topic or isn't the sort of question one should ask in this forum . . . I'm also new to bulletin boards.



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    Apparently, Tom, there are only DIS-reputable plumbers in the Olympia, WA area. (ducking and covering)

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    Hey, if your're going to tease them, they may never post.
    I get a lot of Seattle area plumbers checking the page, but I don't know how many from Olympia.
    We go down there sometimes for toilet installations, and my son painted some houses there too.
    It is pretty far from us though so we have to think about it each time.
    I do have someone coming up tomorrow from Olympia to pick up a Christmas Sanagloss Ultramax.
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    You heard the man, Tom. Terry'l drive 50 miles to put a new toilet in for you.
    (And his boy will paint your house, to boot) Now that's service!


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