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Thread: Kitchen Remodel: Help with Pipe Routing

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    Default Kitchen Remodel: Help with Pipe Routing

    I have a U-shaped kitchen that is completely gutted right now. My problem is that my water source (for the sink and dishwasher) is on the east wall but the refrigerator is on the west wall. The house has never been plumbed to provide water to the refrigerator and I'm wrestling with how to get water to the fridge.

    One suggestion I've had is to tee off of my cold water supply for the sink and run pipe (either smaller diameter copper or PEX with no joints) behind the base cabinets. This would involve routing a "channel" in the drywall behind the cabinets where the tubing would lie. I'm not able to go vertically to travel through the attic as the water supply is in a half wall.

    Any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    Do you have a basement or crawlspace? If yes, go under.
    Even if the water supply is in a half wall, it has to come from somewhere - either above or below. Tap nearer to the source.
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    I failed to mention that I'm on a cement slab. Additionally, the nearest water sources are in an adjoining wall that is perpendicular to the wall in need. That would involve a significant removal of drywall to tap that source.

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    You've got to figure the best way to route a water line for your situtation. I think I'd probably run around behind the cabinet with 1/2" copper,. I'd use a tee with a ball valve under the sink, and reduce/adapt to the smaller diameter feeder line where the line comes out of the wall. Don't use the saddle valve that typically comes with the kit to attach the line. They tend to fail frequently.

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    What's behind the wall where the fridge is? I had to run the water from a bathroom to the fridge because of the layout. Luckly the water line is in the bathroom cabinets.

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    Default water

    If there are cabinets all the way from the sink to the refrigerator, just drill holes in the cabinet walls and run a small 3/8" or 1/4" line from the sink to the reefer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hj
    If there are cabinets all the way from the sink to the refrigerator, just drill holes in the cabinet walls and run a small 3/8" or 1/4" line from the sink to the reefer.
    That's what I did, except it went downstairs in the basement and shared some holes with some wiring.

    Somewhere I read not to use (I think it was) polyethelene hose to connect to the fridge. Wasn't sure why. I think that's what I used. You can drill a 9/16" or 17/32" hole in your cabinets up top near the counter and just run it around the parameter.

    Edit: Wait, kitchen is gutted? Run it through some small holes in the studs?


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    Yes, the kitchen is gutted except that the drywall is in place on two of the three affected walls. I suppose that I could remove the drywall up from the bottom about 12-18 inches but that's adding time and expense. Of course, it really would be the "right" way to go, I suppose.

    I really appreciate all the help and suggestions!

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    I don't know that there is a 'right' way to do it.
    I like the idea of concealing it in the cabinets bkz you can get to it easily, yet it'll still be inconspicuous.
    (important note: I'm not a pro)

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    Default Think outside the cabinets

    I had a similar problem with the H and C supply lines when I replumbed my house. I put the pipes (CPVC) behind a false front in the kickspace under the cabinets. It reduced the depth of the kickspace by 1 1/4", but so far neither my wife nor I have noticed it as we work in the kitchen, even when reaching into the high cabinets.


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