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Thread: gas regulator vent placement

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    Default gas regulator vent placement

    Hi Guys, I'm building a 3 season room here in NJ and I have a question regarding the vented gas regulator on my water heater gas line. There is a small (3/16")copper vent line that runs from the reg housing through the garage wall to the outside rear wall. This wall will eventually be an interior wall once the room construction is complete. I know I have to move this vent, I'm wondering if there is a limit distance-wise that I need to be concerned about. Can I just run this line further away and then through the wall? We're talking about 12-15 feet away from the regulator.

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    Default vent

    As long as it terminates outside the building, you can run it as far as necessary.

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    I expect I'll only need to make certain of a good tight connection when I replace the compression fitting and have no kinks in the tubing. I had an insect problem a while back and found that vent blocked ( I found out because the water heater stopped warming water). I was able to create a screened cover for the end of the line with no further difficulties.
    Thank you very much, I was hoping it wouldn't be an obstacle to the new construction.
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