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Thread: structural damage?

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    Default structural damage?

    I wasn't sure where to put this post. Since it concerns a well room, I thought maybe this was the best.

    It actually is the underpart of my steps outside. I am having problems with water coming thru the wall in there. Now, I am able to look at certain parts of the ceiling in it and see the red bricks which I am sure are the steps.

    Also, the neighboring wall to the well has 4 bricks, these are cinder bricks, I think, which is pushing out. They are been like that since we bought this house, and someone thru the years, put some kind of silicone in the cracks where the bricks meet.

    My question is, is this considered structural damage?
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    Cookie, I wish that I could be of help with this. Call your insurance co and ask them. I have found some companies here will cover almost anything, while others will try to get out of paying everything. Best of luck, and God bless!

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    How's it going w/ the aunt's former brother-in-law contractor?
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