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Thread: Is this vent location a problem?

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    Default Is this vent location a problem?

    I am remodeling a basement bathroom and have already replaced all of the underground pipes.

    I noticed that this bathroom and adjacent laundry room all vent to a pipe which exits the house just above the foundation through the the rim joist right under my deck.

    Is the vent required to go up through the roof?

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    If yr talking about the drain vent then I believe (nonpro) that there are minimum clearances from windows and doors (10ft?). Most of the time, this means exiting thru the roof.

    If yr talking about exhaust vent, then dryer and bath vent should not be connected anyway. But both are ok to vent thru rim joist/side wall. There might still be clearance req's for windows/doors, but they're more forgiving than the plumbing vent clearance restrics.
    (important note: I'm not a pro)

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    I'm talking about the plumbing vent

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    I don't believe you may vent through the rim. It won't meet min clearance from window or door.
    (important note: I'm not a pro)

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    Plumbing vents must extend through the roof.


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