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Thread: Replacing Basement shower with Bath (Drain problems)

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    Default Replacing Basement shower with Bath (Drain problems)

    So here's my story - hopefully will not become a saga..... Just doubt I should start putting back together yet.

    The basement shower and moldy drywall had to go, picked up a new tub. But of course the drain needs to be moved. The shower had a history of kitchen refuse bubbling up in it. I thought maybe the drain pipe was crushed between the shower and the main. Last week had a plumbline services inc. come out and run a snake though it he reported mud which means broken pipe. Said the line was clean though.

    After the rip out and concrete removal, found the cast iron p-trap had the hole. Pulled it out but now the cast iron pipe it was attached to is leaking water, when I run the kitchen sink up stairs, flush the toilet in the same bathroom (~8 cups of water pour out of it) or run the sink water. I dont believe this should do this, as a novice DIYers opinion, need professional advice. Had to put a rubber cap on the pipe for now. Hoping this is not another 1961 plumbers engineering debacle. Should I call the plumber back in to snake again? Or is this normal? Also I am trying to understand the correct procedure to attach a new plastic p-trap and drain to this cast iron.

    See attachments for better understanding.

    Todd in Littleton Colorado
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    Default additional question

    I have an additional question, I read in another post that someone installing a shower it needs to run a vent pipe.... there is a vent by the main but does there need to be one installed closer to my tub install because of code changes?


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