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Thread: frozen shower arm

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    Default frozen shower arm

    I'm installing a new trim kit in my master bath. I just remodeled the bath with full tile walls. To be on the safe side I was going to break the shower arm loose before the tiles went up but with all the craziness of getting everything done quickly I forgot. I had a pipe wrench on it this morning with quite a bit of pressure to no avail. I'm deathly afraid of breaking the pipe. Any tips or tricks to get this thing off without damaging supply lines?? thanks

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    Squirt some vinegar or penetrating oil in there. Repeat every hour all day. Then give it a try. Shower arms are thin, so no matter what you do, there is the possibility it will break. That too can be fixed. Post back here for some tips .

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    Sometimes a pipe wrench tends to squeeze the pipe therefore making it harder to turn. I like to use the Channel Lock that has curved jaws and they have a lot less chance of egg shaping the pipe.

    You might try to tightening it just to make it move.

    Start by grabbing the shower arm away from the wall.


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