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Thread: What is the best plumbers epoxy or glue for PVC?

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    Default What is the best plumbers epoxy or glue for PVC?

    In order to make a very strange but neccessary PVC drain trap arrangement work I must somehow glue an 1 -1/2" PVC male threaded adapter into
    the female end of a regular 1-1/2" PVC T fitting (meantfor glueing with PVC cement). Its a fairly close fit(though obviously not intended for this ). If I fill it with epoxy so it oozes out when the two are joined, will this permanently seal the joint? I need an epoxy that will bond this together permanently and never leak. If I can achieve this it will save me a WHOLE lot of work.

    The reason I must do this is because the old PVC trap parts are from a
    company that went out of business and new stuff won't thread on. Getting rid of the old is a big job because it is barely accessible and glued on. So I must add on
    with a new T which must be epoxy'd on.

    Can I count on this staying sealed and what's the best product to use that will bond to PVC and hold up over time for wide joints.

    Thanks for your help.


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    This kind of kluge would never be accepted by an inspector. The only approved method of joining PVC is with proper solvent cement, and this does not apply to a fitting with threads.

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    I agree. Sounds like you may have some sort of european or other odd thread. I would cut the pipe beyond the threaded part and if the actual pipe is a standard size, glue in a union. If the pipe is an odd size, use a rubber transition fitting (banded or hubless) and a couple of clamps to make it fit. Odds are when trying to glue on a threaded fitting, the size will be just odd enough to create a long lived leak.
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    Default trap

    If you sent us a picture of what you are trying to accomplish it would help a lot, since the description seems a bit illogical. But they also make street "trap adapters" that glue into a bell/socket of a fitting.

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    Sometimes you can pull out or chip out the pipe or fittings.

    That's how I attack these things. Go back to where you can use the right fittings.

    If I'm removing a pipe from a fitting, I saw it off even with the hub,
    Then make two cuts about 3/8" apart on the pipe, carefull to not cut through the hub.
    The with a flat blade screwdriver, you can start working the pipe away from the hub starting with the 3/8" section.

    You should be able to snap out the old pipe, and you will be ready to glue in a different pipe or fitting.

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    Thanks I'll try that


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