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Thread: Sanitary TEE with Side Inlet Against Code?

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    Default Sanitary TEE with Side Inlet Against Code?

    I plan to install a new toilet with a 4" drain and tub with a 2" drain. I wish to connect both to a 4" stack. Is it alright to use a 4" Sanitary TEE pipe fitting with a 2" Side Inlet for both drain pipes? Or, am I better off using a separate 4" Sanitary TEE and add a 2" Sanitary TEE above it?

    I heard that use of a Sanitary TEE with a Side Inlet is against code. Is this true?

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    Depends on where you live and what your codes are about. If i'm following you correctly, you're talking about a 4" tee which has a 2" outlet at a 90 degree right angle from the 4" tee outlet. Here in Vancouver we call that an apartment tee, and people use them here... but i personally have not ever installed one in my time. I prefer to keep my toilet drainage nice and downstream from my tub/showers - a little separation of the two is always going to be a better way to go...

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    Default Sanitary TEE with Side Inlet Against Code? Reply to Thread

    Yes, the 2" Outlet is at a 90 degree angle and to the side of the 4" Outlet.

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    Default tee

    We use them all the time, as long as the tee is installed vertically with the toilet going into the side of the tee.

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    It does depend on where you live and what your codes are. In the State of Louisiana the are prohibited, but if your state uses the International Plumbing Code your good to go. I would still question if it was a good idea.


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