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Thread: 1st leaky Shower, need help.

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    Default 1st leaky Shower, need help.

    My shower has got the 3 handle setup happening, but no matter which way I turn it it will leak. I have turned both the handles for hot and cold as far off as I can go but no luck. I've decided I'm going to gather what information I can and see if I can do anything because no one else will. Any advice on what I should do first or where I should look would be appreciated. I can upload some pictures if that would help.

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    You need to replace the washers on the ends of the faucet stems, and possibly the seats that the washers seal against.
    You will probably need a set of faucet socket valves to find the one that fits your valves (these can be found at most any hardware or big box plumvbing section...they're not expensive).
    You also may need an inexpensive seat tool to remove the seats if they're pitted and corroded.
    Turn the water OFF, remove both valves (and the seats if necessary), take them to a store and get washers (and seats) that match. The valves also may need new o-rings.
    Good Luck!

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    Np matter what the brand, your 3 handle shower is probably very common in your region. If you take the entire stem to a store, you can probably get a new stem and seat and be good to go for several years.


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