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Thread: Pump Going On and Off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahless
    I really need to get my water tested again. That test was done 4 or 5 years ago by culligan by the previous owner and they were trying to sell him a $4000 dollar system.
    I am not positive what a system would cost in your area. It will probably be expensive but I wouldnt thing it should be that high. The settling tank is useless except for suspended sediment in your water for which you really need a good filter to remove. The high iron will leave some sediment, but the bulk of the iron is dissolved in your water and will only settle out as the water evaporates, ie on your faucets, shower heads and such. If your pipes and fixtures are rusting you probably also have an acid water problem. Some one else will have to chime in here. I do some water treatment myself locally but my sons handle most of the water treatment end of things. The bulk of my service (what I do myself) is for hard water (limestone and calcium) and sand/gravel infiltration. I do not want to mislead or panick any one!
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