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Thread: Re-Pipe Material options PB replacement

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    Default Re-Pipe Material options PB replacement

    I've had a few leaks over the years and figured out I was eligible for a repipe through the Cox vs. Shell program. It took a little while but I got the work authorization in the mail this week.

    One of the questions asked was which type of pipe I'd like used for the repipe. My choices are:
    SRD 11 CPCV
    Type M Copper.

    I've been reading the boards and it seems copper might be the way to go.
    Other places on the net praise CPVC (flowguard).

    Most of the paperwork talks about CPVC and that seems to be the default.
    I'm more concerned with getting the right product and right installer.
    There's a couple of big contractors that do this kind of work, plumbing express and delta seem to show up a lot. Does it make sense to use one of these or look for a local group?
    I live in Raleigh, NC if the location makes a difference, I'm also on city water.

    btw... Great forum, some really good ideas and reads

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    I imagine CPVC would be the default, since it's a lot cheaper to purchase and install. There's a good article in the latest Fine Homebuilding touting PEX, but if PEX isn't an option, I'd go with CPVC. I just re-plumbed my house (changed from copper to CPVC), but our local water and soil don't play well with copper. You might check with the city to see if they have any recommendation. You may find this to be somewhat of a religious issue.

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    I'd consider going with PEX or copper. Check with the local building inspector...some places have water that eats up copper. Usually, that is not a problem with a municiple system. PEX should be faster.
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    Default repipe

    Unless they have changed their policy, CPVC is the default, and if you want copper you have to pay for the upgrade. Normally, because of the way they work, you have to use their installers. It is the only way they can insure against overcharging, since these companies have a contract with the claims group and the price is more or less fixed.


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