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Thread: Opinions/thoughts on Kohler Bancroft & Class 5 flushing system?

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    Default Opinions/thoughts on Kohler Bancroft & Class 5 flushing system?


    I am in the midst of remodeling a small bathroom for my dad, who is coming home from rehab after a hip replacement within the next week.

    I can't get my toilet of choice, the Toto Dartmouth, which would match the Toto pedestal sink - it's out of stock at my supplier and back ordered. Everything else going into the bath I have on hand. My supplier offered me a Carrollton toilet, which is gorgeous (and I love Toto), but the bowl is too low.

    I have to install a toilet SOON. My local suppliers do not have any period Totos that would be aesthetically compatible with the pedestal sink and the decor in our 1903 home. I need a tall bowl (ADA compliant 16 1/4" minimum height), elongated, able to deal with...erm...bulk. (Dad gets constipated sometimes.) So abilty to move a load is key. I cannot spend $500 either, so I'm limited to 2 piece models.

    I rather liked the looks of Kohler's Bancroft, but I know nothing about this particular model other than that A) the retro/traditional style is nice with my pedestal sink and home decor - the small scale suits the space too (not bulky); and (B) I can afford it. It's in stock too.

    Have any of you had experience with Kohler's Flush 5 system? Kohler's website states it is excellent at moving bulk. Is it?

    Know where I can get a Toto Dartmouth ADA EL quick???

    Thoughts suggestions????

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    Default Kohler Class Five

    This is the same system utilized by the Kohler Cimarron, which came out shortly after American Standard's Champion. While the Cimarron's reviews have been much more positive than the Champion, it seems fairly unanimous that the Cimarron with Class Five would benefit from much better bowl wash, and some report that it is more prone to clogging than should be expected based on Kohler's promotion of its superiority.

    Please note that I am basing my comments solely on research. I have personally never used a Kohler Class Five product.

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    Default Problem solved!

    Thanks - I wondered if it was similar to the Cimarron but couldn't find any reviews on line.

    In fact, I was able to find a Dartmouth toilet in stock through a dealer just down the road so my first choice will be installed tomorrow

    Matching, no less. I should be this lucky

    This dealer said the Dartmouth is a traditional version of the Drake, similar performance. Can't wait.

    Thanks again for the info on Flush 5 - I'm a realtor, so I file all this info away for future reference and recommend this sight to clients.


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