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Thread: HELP - My Shower Water Temp & Pressure....

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    Arrow HELP - My Shower Water Temp & Pressure....

    The shower in my house has a mind of its own.
    My shower either:
    1. Has good hot water pressure and great cold water pressure
    2. Poor hot water pressure and great cold water pressure
    3. No hot water at all and great cold water pressure

    The last two mornings I have had #3, no hot water. The hot water comes out in the kitchen and the washing machine just fine.

    What can I do to correct the problem in my shower??

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    Without more information about your system, there are lots of possibilities. But your symptoms would be consistent with a "pressure balanced" type of shower , with a sticky spool. Take the spool out and replace or lubricate it.

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    Default More Info

    I have been doing some more research on my problem. I think it could be corrosion in my old galvanized steel piping. The only problem is that the cold water comes out great in all the different areas of my house. Do the hot water lines usually corrode faster than cold water lines?

    Also, what is a ballpark estimate for repiping a 1000 sq ft home with one bath room, kitchen and a laundry room that shares the same wall with the bathroom?


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    Default Getting back to the symptoms

    Hello, I have very similar symptoms to those posted originally. However, I don't have a pressure balancing valve. I have cold knob, hot knob and only a shower head.

    My problem is more centered around water pressure. Basically, I have no pressure. Every other fixture in the house has great pressure.

    Regarding hot and cold, I do have trouble maintaining a good temp. When the hot side is barely on (maybe half a turn) and the cold is on as far as it can go, it will be scalding. Turn the hot slightly closed and instantly cold again. Very frustrating. It is like this whether or not water is used elsewhere.

    So, really two problems 1- Pressure & 2- Temp. control. Pressure matters most to me. Any ideas?

    Thanks in Advance


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