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Thread: All stations watering at once

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    Default All stations watering at once

    I recently had my system fixed up (it was put in by the original homeowner)and when I open the valve in the yard, all four stations come on (there are actually six valves wired up, but I only use four currently). I have one colored wire running from the timer to one wire on each solenoid.

    I have tried several variations with the ground wire, including:

    1) Cutting six notches in the white wire and hooking up the second wire from each solenoid.

    2) Daisy-chaining each wire, one to the next.

    3) Bundling all of the wires in one and putting a wiring cap on each one.

    When I run a test, I can hear each solenoid kicking on and then turning off and moving on to the next one. I can hold the wire and feel power going through it.

    My thought is that as long as I have the wiring set up correctly, when I open the main water valve nothing should come on until that first solenoid fires.

    Any ideas?

    Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default valves

    If it is a new system, check the valves. One brand of valves is shipped with the valve's manual operator set in the "run" position, and you have to flip the lever, on or next to the solenoid, back to automatic to turn the valve off.

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    I'm not sure what you are trying to do, but I have never been able to feel power going through a wire before. You'll have to tell me your secret.

    Your timer should have different numbered zones. 1-4, 1-6 etc. Each zone has to hook to a different solenoid with a different colored wire. The only wire that is common to all is the white and it should be labeled white, neutral or some such name, not a number. Don't confuse it with the motor start circuit.

    I can't imagine a timer being able to open all four at the same time, there is usually not enough wattage from the 24 volt transformer to handle more than two.


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    You did not say what brand valves you are using, but it sure sounds like hj said, the solenoid has been opened manually.

    If you can feel the power, you may not be needing the irrigation system very much longer, you may be meeting your creator sooner than expected.



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