I recently had my system fixed up (it was put in by the original homeowner)and when I open the valve in the yard, all four stations come on (there are actually six valves wired up, but I only use four currently). I have one colored wire running from the timer to one wire on each solenoid.

I have tried several variations with the ground wire, including:

1) Cutting six notches in the white wire and hooking up the second wire from each solenoid.

2) Daisy-chaining each wire, one to the next.

3) Bundling all of the wires in one and putting a wiring cap on each one.

When I run a test, I can hear each solenoid kicking on and then turning off and moving on to the next one. I can hold the wire and feel power going through it.

My thought is that as long as I have the wiring set up correctly, when I open the main water valve nothing should come on until that first solenoid fires.

Any ideas?

Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.


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